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Walmart Automation Alliance helps entrepreneurs who wish to sell on Walmart or who are already on Walmart sell their products and up their profits through proper mentoring and guidance. Digital marketing is a complete art today, and our company makes sure to approach it as such, outlining with care all the steps toward success.

What Walmart Automated Alliance Can Do For You?

Build A Walmart Store That Increases Profitability As Sales Increase On a Daily Basis

Conversion Master Plan

Walmart Automation Alliance has exclusive data, as well as a master plan to convert Walmart Store traffic into patronizing clients. There are various strategies to make all these achievable. You can gain access to our Team to find out about all these tactics, which will increase the number of visitors on your Walmart Store.

Growing Your Business

We are committed to ensuring that your Walmart account experiences growth. We use the same techniques on our client’s stores that have grown other 6 and 7 figure accounts.

meet founder

Nick Mocuta

I understand the future of e-commerce and I wants others to learn from my experience.

I began my journey toward financial freedom in the real estate business. With which I found the necessary tools of the salesman and realized that customer demand and satisfaction supersedes all. Today, my story is an inspirational one about a young man that has found the keys to a thriving online business and is sharing them with others looking to follow in his footsteps.

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At Walmart Automation Alliance We Are Committed To Changing The Status Quo Of Your Business

Enjoy A Stress-Free Business

Our Team at Walmart Automation Alliance relieves you from every business stress through 100% Done For You Walmart Automation. Your workload will be completely reduced to the barest minimum as you will be granted full access to our staff.

The Best Systems

You can leverage our best dropshipping Systematic techniques and tools that enhance the growth of your store. This is achievable if you take a back seat and let us handle your business with our expertise.

Real Clients, Real Results.


Walmart Automation Alliance makes This Possible!
Let Us Show You How! Documentation Beats Conversation






Live Store Results


Live Store Results


Live Store Results


Live Store Results

Our Services

You can count on us to transform your Walmart store, these are a few reasons.

Inventory Management

Our Team implements outstanding strategies which are aimed at growing your store to suit your goals and needs. In a bid to achieve this, we provide dropshipping and product management.

Processing Orders & Returns:

 Every customer wants to experience an easy ordering process on Walmart as well as flexible returns. With us, you can worry less as we get all the work done while you enjoy all the profits.

Order Tracking:

Our Team of Walmart Experts are committed to helping you track your customers’ orders until it reaches its final destination. This is monitored 24/7 by our team, also, customers can track their orders themselves so they are fully updated on where their orders are per-time.

Product Research & Listings:

In order to propagate high sales, we do an analysis of market trends which helps you to identify items that have high demands. This is done in order to purchase products at low prices and then resell at a competitive price with a great profit margin after-sales.

Customer Service:

This is the life-wire of every business. Therefore, the inability to manage your customers effectively ruins your business. Do not worry, we’ve got you covered as we will ensure your relationship with your customer is maintained. Thereby, leveraging on ratings to enhance trust and increase sales on your Walmart store.

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